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Recycle Your Content: 6 Week Course
By Parker Stelly and Christine Jerry

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What will you learn? An entire strategy on how to re-purpose existing video content so that you can be "everywhere" on social media while only creating one piece of high quality content.

When is the course? The Course begins September 14th and ends on October 31st.

How much is the challenge? The course is a one time payment of $397, 2 payments of $215, or 6 payments of $77

Why do you want to learn from Parker? Parker is the co-owner of DecoExchange - a multi seven figure business that specializes in monetizing online communities through physical products and digital education. Parker is responsible for the systemization, procedures and scaling of and

Why do you want to learn from Christine? Christine has managed and lead teams for blogs with millions of page views per month. She provides invaluable insight on key topics such as SEO, Blogging, Pinterest and wordpress.

Course Summary

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Recycle your Content

Join Parker Stelly and Christine Jerry in a course designed to teach you our process of recycling content across 6 different social networks so that you can maximize your reach and find more potential customers. This course includes:

  • Using content that is already created and re purposing it for different social media platforms
  • Details about the requirements on each social media platform and what is currently working on them.
  • Developing a content plan
  • Content creation for the social media platforms included in this training:
    • Facebook
    • Youtube
    • Pinterest
    • Blogs
    • Instagram
    • TikTok
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Weekly Live Q&A Sessions
Private Facebook Group
Expertise From Industry Leaders
Recorded Training That Can Be Access Any Time
By Signing up today you also get these bonuses:
  • 5 Day Challenge to Create Quality Content by Parker Stelly
  • DIY Branding Kit By Christine Jerry
  • 31 Ideas for creating content by Damon Oates
  • The WIMPPs workbook by DecoExchange
  • Collaboration Fast Track Worksheet by Warren Carlyle
  • Shipping and Packaging Cheat Sheet by Sarah Williams
  • 5 ways to use video content to increase Etsy traffic by Lauren Kilgore
Bonuses are worth over $500


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If payment is failing or processing indefinitely: make sure and clear your browser cache and cookies.

Choosing to pay via payment plan: Access to the training will be revoked upon a failed payment - only resolving the payment issue will result in admission back into the course.

About Parker

Parker is the mastermind behind the success of DecoExchange’s product  based business and day to day operations of the business. Crossing multiple seven figures in less than a year and specializing in physical products, procedures and optimization – Parker is an expert in all things warehousing, shipping, fulfillment, e-commerce and scaling. Platforms of expertise include google and Facebook ads, social media of all types, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy. You can learn more about Parker and all things Decoexchange here.

About Christine

Aloha, everyone! I'm Christine Jerry from The Virtual Collab. Born and raised on the island of O'ahu, my husband and I moved to Arizona in 2004. It was not too long after becoming a stay-at-home mom that I realized I wanted to be able to create an income while being home with my baby girl. So in 2010, I started blogging. The industry has changed so much over the past 10 years, but my passion for growing websites has not. I love helping entrepreneurs develop their sites and support teams. It's been an amazing journey to work with business owners, who want to focus on areas of their businesses they truly are passionate about. You can learn more about me here.